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Professional healthcare

Promotion and distribution of medical products

Distribution of healthcare products is our main activity. Delivery of medical equipment and medical furniture for medical institutions, specialized food, finished dosage forms, medical devices, consumables and accessories, neutraceuticals. Medical equipment, ophthalmological hitech equipment, laboratory equipment supplies. Covid 19 protective products and tests 

поставка лекарств и медикаментов оптом

Finished dosage forms

Distribution of medicines, dietary suplements

медицинское оборудование поставка

Medical equipment

Medical equipment

офтальмологическое оборудование

Ophthalmological equipment

Equipment and materials for ophthalmology..

Купить оптом тесты на антитела на Covid 19 IgG IgM продажа

Rapid tests for Covid 19 antibodies

Delivery of antibody tests for COVID 19

Спортивное и медицинское питание поставки

Medical nutricion

Special medical nutrition

Лабораторное оборудование поставки dirui chemistry system 2000

Laboratory equipment

Laboratory equipment

Нитриловые перчатки - Средства индивидульной защиты

Protective products

Gloves, masks, protective suites

медицинские расходные материалы

Medical consumables

Medical consumables supplies

медицинская мебель

Medical furniture and equipment

Furniture for medical institutions