About us

"Promedfarm" Company was found in 2002 as a pharmaceutical division on the basis of a large medical holding.

In 2006 the "Promedfarm" Company opened its own licensed pharmaceutical warehouse in Moscow and became a full-fledged independent pharmaceutical company. Since then, the main activity of the company is the delivery of medicines and medical supplies to hospitals and the Department of Health.

In 2007 the Company established a department of registration of pharmaceutical products and medical devices.

In 2008 the "Promedfarm" Company opens full branch in the Ural Federal District, the city of Tyumen with a licensed warehouse and staff of highly skilled professionals.

For three years the Company actively promotes and displays pharmaceuticals, supplies and medical products from leading manufacturers in the Russian market.

In 2011 the "Promedfarm" Company begins to finance the new project production of a balanced functional medical and sports nutrition series "Poliproten" and "Peptoproten."

In 2012 new areas appear in the "Promedfarm" Company — medical equipment and high-tech medical equipment.

Since 2013 the "Promedfarm" Company actively develops international cooperation.

The Company today

The "Promedfarm" Company in cooperation with the federal and municipal health authorities of the Russian Federation is developing and implementing personal territorial (regional, provincial, municipal) socially significant programs with high pharmaceutical and economic efficiency in order to save the budget, reduce morbidity and mortality, improving quality of care and quality of life of patients with maximum preservation of their ability to work.